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Set in Canopy Kingdom, characters are fighting for the opportunity to control the mysterious Skull Heart, an artifact with the ability to grant wishes, albeit at a substantial cost. The Skullgirl is a monster that haunts humanity: the result of those with an impure soul attempting to use the Heart. Skullgirls is a fighting game that can be played using different ratios of characters, with each player able to have up to three fighters on their team. These teams are balanced by their numbers, for example single player teams are stronger and possess more health whilst larger teams can perform character assists, with characters also able to recover health when tagged out. Players can customise their character assist attacks, as well as perform super moves by charging their special meter with offensive attacks. The game has various unique systems, such as infinite detection, which gives players the chance to break out of a loop combo, easier inputs for more complex actions and protection against high/low unblockable attacks. The game will also feature online play using the GGPO netcode, the first brand new arcade title to do so.


Threads of Fate
Follow all threads of fate to their inevitable conclusions.


Graduation day has arrived at last! Mrs. Victoria’s so proud of you.


Words are fun - expand your vocabulary.


An Ensemble Cast
There may be no I in “team,” but there is in “variety.”


Instant Hair Dash
Let your parasite feel the wind between his tendrils.


Real Circus Damage
And now, for the main attraction... Grappling!


The Kitchen Sink
Throw everything at them, including...


Good Hunting, Commander
A good commander knows how to wield her forces effectively.


Getting A Head In the Game
Sometimes you just need to relax and take the weight off your shoulders.


My Pain Will Be Visited Upon You
Sometimes you can take it, and sometimes you just want to lash out.


Medical Board Will Be Notified
Your opponents aren’t the only ones under the knife.


Toil and Trouble
A sesquidecemvir of seven simulacra synergizing simultaneously.


Breaking the Cycle
Retaliate against repetition.


Call the Wardrobe Department
Make dozens of costume changes.


World Warrior Princess
Wander the world... unintentionally.


Happy Birthday
You got a present!


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