ComicApril 12, 2013

Captain America: possible new outfit

Early yesterday, ComicBookMovie revealed possible "Captain America: The Winter Soldier " new redesigned look with some new uncovered concepts.

"When the first official photo for the unfrozen fighter's sequel hit earlier this week, there were noticeable differences draping Chris Evans' costumed crusader, despite the fact he was covered in shadows. Most noble among them, were the gloves, which were quite visibly shorter than the ones he sported in his previous appearances, also featuring exposed fingertips. That visual clue fueled speculation that Cap would be coming into this film with a costume possibly inspired by his appearance in the pages of Marvel Comics' "Heroic Age" storyline in 2010. While technically, it was a costume that a newly-resurrected Steve Rogers sported while his former sidekick and Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes briefly cavorted as Captain America, it was still a popular entry in the annals of Captain America couture." - G4TV

With all this being said, they're still no verification of the authenticity of the possible new costume for Captain. Although all of these could just be concept art pieces, we do know that changes are definitely in store for Captain America Sequel.

It's said that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will hi theaters on April 4, 2014. We can't wait to see if these sketches will actually come to life! Stay Tune.