PlayStation Home UKSeptember 26, 2013

EU Update 9/25/13

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This week in PlayStation Home for the EU region:
rain™ comes to PlayStation Home. Juggernaut Games release the new Supernatural Detective Adventure Pack. Lockwood release new Mechsuits, add to the Delirious Squid range with some gothic furniture. And bring the Sodium Salopettes to females. VEEMEE release new items from the Element range. Along with locomotion items. New personal spaces come from Granzella, nDreams, and Game Mechanics.

You’ll notice something different about the weather in the Home Square this week… Looks like rain is on its way Yes that’s right, we are marking the release of rain™ by creating our very own drizzly scene, with lots of rewards on offer. Just head to the arch in the centre of Home Square and watch the rain™ trailer to receive them. Pre-order the rain on PS3™ from PlayStation®Store now.

Juggernaut Games – Supernatural Detective
Halloween is coming… Get ready to track down the things that go bump in the night with Juggernaut Games’ Supernatural Detective Adventure Pack! With a variety of LMOs, EMTs, clothing and active furniture items, you’ll be completely kitted out for whatever Big Bad is on the loose.

Lockwood – Mechsuit Pilots, Gothic Furniture, and Sodium Salopettes
This week from Lockwood. The Astra Corps dispatch a new squad of specialised Mechsuit Pilots to Sector Sigma Eta 35. Along with new Victorian Gothic Furniture from the Delirious Squid Range. And the popular Sodium Salopette dungaress in new colours.

JAM Games – The Family Business
With our latest collection you will show everyone that you mean business, The Family Business! Ladies can be super sassy and sexy while the gents can be dapper and dashing! Who will you choose to be ladies? Miss Demeanour or Miss Guided? And gents will you be a Dapper Don or a Pinstriped Papa? There are also a couple of furniture items!

VEEMEE – Element, Hotrods, Swarms, Giant Insects, and Hatchlings.
This week in PlayStation Home, VEEMEE release the latest edition to the Element skateboard lifestyle range. Included are new clothing items, and skateboard locomotions.

Also available are the new Hot Rod locomotion items. Available in 5 designs. Adding to the locomotions this week, are the new Swarm and Giant Insect locomotions. The Swarm LMO’s turn your avatar into a throng of winged bugs, bees, butterflies, or dragonflies. While the Giant Insects locomotions allow your avatar to turn into giant bugs and if companions are your thing. Then take a look at the new cute and cuddly Hatchlings companions. Take your pick from the Baby Chickens, Baby Penguins, or the Baby Raptors. Hey, why not get all three!

Atom Republic
Atom Republic release volumes 1 and 2 of the popular Hip Hop dance moves in a new value bundle. The full set includes such hip hop moves as the Chicken Soup, the Phat Daddy, the Soldier Boy, Cooking, the Sponge Mob, the Reject, the Jerk, the Doggie, Fresh Air, and the Wobbly Leg. That’s 10 dances available in a great bundle.

nDreams – Joe’s Gym, Cassie’s Dance Studio, and Laser Turret LMO
This week in the nDreams Store are two brand new personal spaces in the form of Joe’s Gym, and Cassie’s Dance Studio. Perfect for using your motion captured animation packs. These apartments are available to buy individually, or as part of a value bundle.
Also this week from nDreams, the new Laser Turret pop up locomotion item. As you run through Home all will seem calm and still but when you stop, be prepared to fire as the turret pops out of the ground and fires some warning shots at any would be invaders.

Granzella – Yuma Cafe, and Unidentified Squadron U-Man

Granzella release the new secret base personal space hidden within the Yuma Cafe. Along with matching furniture. Also available is the Unidentified Squadron U-Man Costume Set.