EntertainmentOctober 11, 2013

The Walking Dead “The Oath” Webisode Review

Ok before you start reading this you must know I am a super fan of The Walking Dead (TWD) and have been so since Season 1 on AMC. I have had the privilege of seeing it grow and become the culture icon that it is today from graphic novels, talk shows, t-shirts and much more! Along with the tv series came an online webisode series. The Oath is the third installment in the webisodes and is broken down into 3 parts. One of the marvelous things about the webisodes is that they always tie into the main story in some way, shape or form and this one was no different.

The webisode wastes no time getting right into the action in the opening scenes, but I must say that the opening scene is probably the most zombie survival action that you will see out of the whole thing.  This webisode seems to focus less more on zombie and gore and more so on the intial reaction and commitments of individuals when the outbreak first started happening and it gives you a glimpse into the psych breakdown of humanity. TWD fans will see some familiarity such as the setting which is the hospital Rick lay in a coma in and the familiar "Don't Open, Dead Inside," sprawled with spray paint on the hospital doors.

Although, I am TWD fan and I was excited to see this webisode (for I am excited about any new information on TWD) I still feel like it fell short. It was more of a Romeo and Juliet meets Dr. Kovorkian weird twist. All in all though TWD cast and crew members did not fail to entertain and provide interesting and engaging material. I would recommend checking it out!