PlayStation 3October 24, 2013

Battlefield 4 Official Wired Controller

             I received my most sacred Game Informer in the mail yesterday and stuffed it in my purse where I knew I would be reading it later and I would want to have it readily available. While I was riding the bus this morning I pulled it out and as I opened up the magazine the first thing I saw was Battlefield 4 and a controller. Being that I love the Battlefield franchise and was absolutely head over heals about Battlefield 3 I was instantly intrigued. And as I continued reading the heavens opened up and I could hear the angels singing!
              A Battlefield 4 controller for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, that has upgraded analog sticks for "superior targeting and control", and dual multi-function wheels with 6 customizable and programmable functions! I needed to look more into this phenomenon. So here is what I found out: Battlefield has promised lots of merchandise and goodies with the launch of its newest FPS coming this holiday season. One of the first to appear is the awesome new controller. The new controllers are designed by PDP and are available for purchase on Amazon coming out to $50 each. The custom controller design includes some interesting features, such as zinc alloy triggers, new “SmartTrack” analog sticks, programmable buttons, illuminated Battlefield 4 logo, the Battlelog showing up on the mini screenpad in the center of the controller and more. It should be said that these are not official controllers by either Sony or Microsoft, but that does not take away from them at all.
             I am super excited about this new information I got and as well to know that there is more to come from Battlefield including things for the PC like mouses, keypads, etc. I am also stoked that Battlefield as decided to be aggressive when it came to marketing for itself. Being a Battlefield fan I hear a lot of comparison to Call of Duty and which is better. I, as a fan, appreciate Battlefield stepping out the box and giving us more and will be in line October 29th as I hope you will too!