NewsOctober 30, 2013

Breaking Into the Industry: Why You Should Work for PSV

        This will not be boring. I promised myself that! The last couple of weeks I have dived headfirst into the thick of things as far as my job role is concerned in PSV. Being a small start-up company we often play so many roles in the company we hardly ever just stick to our job titles. While, PSV continues to mature, as any company, we go through phases. Right now it is the PR/Marketing and Advertising phase.
In this phase a lot of things are bound to happen, but something that happens more often than not is that I always find myself answering the question, "Why?" Why should we register for your site? Why should we even GO to your site? Why should we sponsor you? Why should we partner with you? And the list goes on and on. Previously, I actually made a nice little job hiring ad, if I may so myself. With the help of my boss and co-worker Jay and plenty of information on how-to's the daunting task itself was not too bad and I succeded in answering some whys. But, most of the time you cannot truly put in a short ad why someone should work for your company so I decided to write this. Consider it off the records, between me and you.
When I first started with PSV I did not intend at all to be where I am at today with the company. As a college student highly interested in technology, video games and everything Geek I found myself researching on ways to break into the Industry. I tried to compare what I could do and the talents I possessed with possible career paths. I had stuck on PR/Marketing, Programming and Writing. One of the main things you hear when researching is to create a portfolio, keep track of accomplishments that you have done which in turn could replace a degree in some places. I began to branch out in the video gaming community with my eyes set on writing. I figured that I would try an online website where I could blog regularly. I actually ended up finding PSV on Playstation's infamous Home's Activity Board. And believe it or not I started out as the Photography Director.
After many months of taking pictures, editing and a variety of other artistic job duties I got wind that the company was reshaping a bit. With new goals in mind and new plans in place a lot of positions were opening up, so I applied for the one that I was most interested in, Business Coordinator. Which is where I find myself now, loving every minute of not only my job duties but the various other tasks that have taken place. Now although I have told a lovely narrative of how I came to work at PSV I must let you know everything has not been delightful.
I often find myself in conversations and laughing about past, we will call them "circumstances and people", that PSV has gone through. It has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride in every aspect that you can imagine from crazy co-workers, to let downs, events gone haywire, possible legal situations, personal issues in our every day life, etc. But one thing has kept me around and it not only sums up this article but it answers the very important question, "Why?":
I work with a group of leaders. Not only tenacious and resilient, but honest and humble, hardworking and dedicated, loving and friendly. We all have a dream. For his or her own reasons we all want PSV to thrive. We work hard because we realize that we hold each other's dreams in our very palms. Through let downs and negativity we push forward regardless.

         We are the very engines that power this ride and we are steadily picking up speed.
Looking to branch out and add to the team with open arms. Although this ride is not an easy ride and may never be, it is well worth it. This type of work may or may not be for you, but I found a loving home at PSV and I am sure with the right amount of open-mindedness, hardwork and dedication YOU CAN TOO! If nothing else you can consider it an opportunity to get your feet wet and to help build up your resume or portfolio being that we are a legally legit company:)