The LatestAugust 01, 2014

True or False: Sony’s PS4 outsold Microsoft’s XBOX One?

Recently, Sony released it's first financial report for April to June 30. What was revealed was that Sony's revenue has gone up from this same time last year. Sony attributes it's financial success to the launch of the new PS4. In consequence last years loss of $164 million around this same time have been replaced by a profit of $43 million considered as operating profit even through the falling sales of PS3 and it's games.

Sony won't say how many individual PS3s were sold and how many PS4s but here are the facts that we know: Combined the PS3 and the PS4 sold 3.5 million units while Microsoft's XBox 360 and XBox One sold 1.1 million units. This means that Sony outsold Microsoft 3:1.

Sony furthers promises of more sales and higher revenues while Microsoft says the same thing. Only time and the true players of the gaming world will decide who will wear that crown at the end of it all.