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Our Condolences To Mike Brown: One of Us

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Mike Brown 

I was going to look up the latest gaming information or trailers to share with you guys this week. It wasn't until recently that I went into PSV's work group on Facebook and saw this message from our founder that I thought I would share a few words and hers as well. I had heard of the shooting and the name of the young man who got shot, but it wasn't until one of my great friends we call Big called me and told me who the guy was that it actually hit home. I guess living in America and with all the violence and corruption that goes on you can become immune and indifferent to it until it hits home. He was a great person who had the potential to be whatever he pleased and was on the track to getting it right like we all are in life despite our choices we make and the things we do. I won't say too much though, I will let Jay say the rest( and pray she doesn't shoot me!)..............


Good evening team. I had plans to send out a list of what we'll be discussing for Saturday so everyone could be prepared however, it came to my attention today on a matter that I'm not for sure if you guys have took time to really notice.

Mike Brown, incident this previous Saturday was horrific and painful to hear. I myself did not know about the story until unfortunately today. But I did not put two and two together of who this person was.

It was not until Big (past PSV member) had tagged me in a posts with the story of this young man, including his profile picture with the connection of PSV.

That's when I'd realized...this was our Mike. He was apart of PSV 2 years ago and was removed due to the lack of work ethic, plus wanting him to focus on school. My heart is broken and devastated...I could not focus on making a list today nor focus on finishing projects up for the company because of my distraught. Some of you are still friends with him on Facebook and possibly PSN "Big'mike Jr Brown"

I only ask for you guys as a team to understand this issue because it could've been any one of us but it was another fellow PSV member. I will post a letter tomorrow but til then I would like to see if we can reschedule for next Saturday.

All I can think of is him wanting PSV to be so successful so he could get out of the streets, do something productive and make well earning money doing something positive. In this I'm determine than ever to seek this coming through to the very end. I can't say this journey will ever be easy but what I can say is I'll never quit, I'll continue to fight and I'll seek this through for you all because we all depend on one another to make this company what it can be.

Thank you all for reading this post and I hope you guys are well understanding. I will either post group photos of things we'll be using for promoting PSV Kickstarter either this weekend or just wait til next Friday for Saturday discussion.

Be safe you guys, I know that even though we don't speak often, I love each and everyone of you and that you all, even if you didn't know it are my family and my backbone.