Players Social View, LLC. (PSV) is a ground-breaking and leading social network for video gamers of all persuasions. The official site of PSV was launched in January 2012 and has been powered and propelled forward by the passion and enthusiasm of its fans. Through their dedication PSV has reached a collective of 30,000 views on its website and that number continues to grow.

The main goal that drives PSV is to provide the opportunity for gamers from all consoles to connect within one network, share their knowledge in video games, make new friends, and help guide one another plus more. PSV website also consists of an array of resources for different gaming consoles such as PlayStation, PlayStation Home, PSP, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Wii and PC. These resources are provided and powered by not only the community but the websites team.
      PSV was founded and instituted by Jasmine Brandon and guided by fellow gamer friends. The company is currently headquarter out of Atlanta, GA. but is subsidiary to director’s specific fields. PSV continues to grab support from game users from a variety of countries and states. PSV also informs on the website that users must be above the age of 13 due to our website content.

As PSV continues to grow we foremost would like to take the time to say “Thank You” for being an interest with the company. Players Social View website will continue to flourish and is currently undergoing a new improved website that will be revealed later on this year with exciting new features and information. The company will continue to keep its users up to date on the new establishment and pursue the goal of satisfying its fans.